BirdLife International Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team (AWCT)

The Aquatic warbler is a globally threatened bird species. We would like to make you familiar with the Aquatic Warbler on this home page. We also would like to show you what we are doing for the conservation of the Aquatic Warbler.
19 lutego 2013

Belarus becomes the 51st Party to the Bern Convention

Strasbourg, 19 February 2013 – Belarus deposited its instrument of accession to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) on […]
28 stycznia 2013

The Aquatic Warbler in the spotlight of Senegalese authorities

On the vigil of the annual international Ramsar water bird census, which is conducted regularly in the Djoudj National Park in Senegal a very special ringing […]
10 grudnia 2012

Zvaniec mire. Is there any hope?

Yes! A project targeting conservation of the world’s most important Aquatic Warbler breeding site has been approved! The name of the project “Clima-East: Conservation and sustainable […]
24 lipca 2012

Aquatic Warblers severely hit by droughts in wintering sites

Breeding sites in Europe rapidly overgrowing with reed and excessive droughts destroying wintering grounds in Africa are affecting very fragile Aquatic Warbler population in 2012. The […]
14 grudnia 2011

A brighter future for Europe’s rarest migratory songbird

The Aquatic Warbler is facing a brighter future, thanks to the results of six years of intensive work within an EU LIFE project coordinated by OTOP-BirdLife […]
2 grudnia 2011

Aquatic Warbler’s voice heard at environmental forum of governmental scale

The 10th Conference of Parties for the Bonn Convention took place between 20th and 25th November 2011 in Bergen, Norway. Aquatic Warbler was put into agenda […]
18 listopada 2011

Urgent conservation issues gathered Aquatic Warbler experts in Nemunas Delta

The crash of Hungarian population was one of the main reasons for the last meeting of experts from most of the species Range States. The meeting […]
26 października 2011

The ray of hope raised for Sporava mire

Long-awaited active vegetation management was finally launched in Sporava mire (Belarus) in October 2011. This protected area holds about 500 singing males of the aquatic warbler […]
14 stycznia 2011

Mauritania hosts Aquatic Warblers in winter!

On 5th January 2011 after a month of work under hard field conditions (high water level, heat, mosquitoes and … crocodiles) aquatic warbler was captured in […]

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