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About us

Who we are?

The Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP), founded in 1991, is a public benefit non-governmental organisation. We work to protect wild birds and areas where they live. Our actions include monitoring, active conservation, shaping policies that have impact on the environment, and education. We are supported by several thousand members and volunteers.

Our goal is to preserve the natural heritage for the good of the current and future generations.

We are one of the largest nature protection organisations in Poland and the Polish partner of the world's federation of bird conservation societies - BirdLife International. We collaborate with both Polish and foreign authorities and NGOs.

We focus on priority species, habitats and sites. We encourage you to join our activities and actively support OTOP through volunteering and donation.


As part of the world's federation of bird conservation organisations, BirdLife International, we collaborate with a range of persons and organisations, both in Poland and abroad. To enhance the effectiveness of our actions, we raise funds to carry out new nature conservation projects. We encourage you to actively support our Society (our mission and goals) through volunteering and donation.

BirdLife International,

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