EuroBirdwatch - OTOP

The EuroBirdwatch is an annual event held on the first weekend of October. Through this event, the national partners of the world’s federation BirdLife International (in Poland – the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds, OTOP) want to draw the attention of people to one of the greatest show in nature – the autumn migration of birds.

Across Poland, on the first Saturday and Sunday of October, OTOP volunteers invite people to take part in free trips, during which participants watch and count birds together and guides share their knowledge with participants. Through a dedicated form, the results reach OTOP’s central office and then are passed to the European coordinator.

We encourage you to join and celebrate the EuroBirdwatch also through organising lectures, talks, slideshows, exhibitions, competitions, runs, races and other events related to birds. Especially welcome are schools, which can join the EuroBirdwatch also on the Friday.