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Economic growth is the basis of national and social development. Through dialogue and collaboration with companies, OTOP aspires to work out joint solutions that reconcile economic needs with nature needs. We collaborate with companies that truly wish to evaluate their impact on the natural environment and are ready to take steps to minimise and eliminate the negative outcomes of this impact.

Through collaboration with the business, OTOP wants to use the human potential of companies (such as employees, commercial partners or customers) to broaden the social awareness of nature conservation.

We welcome to collaborate with us companies that truly want to join the mission of nature conservation through support of OTOP’s actions and projects.

Please contact us:

Polish Society for the Protection of Birds
(Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptaków)

phone: +48 22 761 82 05
+48 22 188 50 81
fax: +48 22 761 90 51
e-mail: biuro(at)


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