Members, Management Board and Audit Committee

Members are the highest authority in OTOP. They express their will at OTOP’s General Meetings of Members, which are held once in three years.

If you:

    • agree with the mission and goals expressed in OTOP’s charter,
    • think that our actions make the condition of the Polish nature improve,
    • want to have influence on Poland’s and UE’s nature conservation policy,
    • support our actions – become a member of OTOP.

The Management Board makes decisions during meetings, by majority of votes and with at least one half of Management Board members present. Management Board meetings are chaired by the President of the Management Board.

In the case of his absence, the function of the chairman of the Management Board’s meeting is taken over by the Vice-President of the Management Board.

The OTOP’s 2017-2020 Management Board consists of:

  • President of the Management Board: Beata Skarbek-Kruszewska
  • Vice-President of the Management Board: Jarosław Krajewski

Members of the Management Board:

  • Dariusz Bukaciński
  • Gerard Sawicki
  • Adam Olszewski

The Management Board passes resolutions in accordance with OTOP’s charter and in line with the resolutions of the General Meeting of Members.

The Audit Committee is the OTOP’s supervisory body. It has the right to participate in meetings of the Management Board with an advisory role.

The 2017-2020 Audit Committee consists of:

    • Chairman: Agnieszka Kuczyńska
    • Member: Marzena Wielikianiec
    • Member: Ewa Woroniecka


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