Prolong or renew membership - OTOP

To prolong your membership in OTOP for the next year or renew your membership if it expires, please pay the fee corresponding to the membership category of your choice, to the following bank account:

If your personal data has changed (such as address – especially the contact address, telephone number or e-mail address), please remember to update it. It is sufficient if you send your updated personal details to the address

Bank zachodni WBK S.A., o/Marki 95 1090 1841 0000 0001 1457 9706

Select the membership fee that you would like to pay:
Type of membership:  Description: Amount of annual fee:
Supporter A member who wishes to support OTOP with an amount higher than the basic membership fee.
Individual Adult 60 zł (plus the electronic edition of the “Ptaki” magazine)

90 zł (plus the paper edition of the “Ptaki” magazine)

Family A group of up to two adults
and all their children.
100 zł
Discount Pupil, student (up to 26 years of age), pensioner or disability pensioner (a copy of the pensioner’s certificate must be sent to OTOP’s Secretariat)  50 zł
School Circle One adult person,  the instructor of the group, and an unlimited number of children that are members of the Circle.
(the instructor must send the list of children in the Circle and their dates of birth to OTOP’s Secretariat).
(per each member of the Circle)


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