How to take part in surveys? - OTOP

If you can identify birds and their calls, you like wildlife and fieldwork, and can spare a few hours per year – you should become an MPPL observer and pick your plot!

The field methods are simple, relatively fast and not time-consuming. Detailed methods of MPPL field data collection are found in the section Download.

Read the methods and check if there are plots available in your neighbourhood using the map below. If you find a plot that suits you, get in touch with the appropriate regional coordinator. When you receive a confirmation of being accepted as an observer, in the early spring you will be sent survey materials.

Each year, two surveys are performed in a plot. If the plot has not been surveyed before, you will need to do a preliminary inspection to set a transect route and record habitat data. Fieldwork is carried out between April 10 and June 30. This time span is divided into two periods: early spring (10 April-15 May) and late spring (16 May-30 June). Observers conduct one survey per each period. The two surveys must be separated by an interval of at least four weeks. Fieldwork is carried out in the early morning, between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. Observers are asked to send filled observation forms to their regional coordinator by July 31.

Sample plots

To display the window with plot information hover your mouse over the selected plot and left-click.

Plots that are available are marked in red. By clicking on the selected plot you will see a pop-up window with additional information and the e-mail address to the regional coordinator. If you wish to do surveys on the selected plot, please send an e-mail to this address.

Plots that are already taken are marked in blue.