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This trail was opened thanks to the initiative of the Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” S.A. company, which collaborates with OTOP. It was set along the Zalew Nadrybski lake, which is an artificial water body created as a result of mining works. The Nadrybie trail is located in the Pojezierze Łęczyńskie Landscape Park, in an especially valuable area protected thanks to the Natura 2000.

The Poleski National Park is just nearby, so the Nadrybie trail is a perfect start for exploration of the Pojezierze Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie region.

The trail can be walked in the village Nadrybie, in the Puchaczów commune, about 50 km from Lublin. You will see various habitat types and characteristic animal species. The route is over 2-kilometre long and offers resting places and stops with educational boards on the birds, amphibians, plants, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals and reptiles that can be spotted in the area.

At the Nadrybie Zalew lake you will see many bird species, including rare ones listed in the Polish Red Data Book. In spring, there will be foraging terns: the White-winged, the Whiskered and the Black Tern, as well as the Black-headed Gull. You will hear the Great Reed Warbler, the Sedge Warbler, the Blackcap, the Lesser Whitethroat or the Thrush Nightingale, as well as the Bittern, with a call similar to the sound made by blowing into a bottle, the Little Bittern, with a call resembling dog bark, and the Water Rail, with a song similar to pig squeal.


The map shows the route of the Nadrybie nature trail with stops.


Explore the birds of the Nadrybie /in Polish/

Synanthrope (human settlement) birds

Birds of water surface

Birds of swards (rails and herons)

Birds of meadows

Birds of scrub


Synanthrope (road) birds

Birds of swards (passerines)




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