Participation in AW counts, Belarus 2013

Participation fee*60 per 1 week90 per 2 weeksYouTravel to Minsk and back by train**40-300YouBelarusian visa**60YouTravel from Minsk or Brest to project sitesAPBLocal travelsAPBAccommodation:in your tentin guest housesfree10 per day-YouEquipmentNoneGPS for mapping of birds and radios will be provided by APB.Personal GPS could be brought just for personal purposes.

APB-BirdLife Belarus annually invites volunteers to participate in exciting field works – Aquatic Warbler counts. The total area of AW breeding sites in Belarus is at about 100 km2. So, representative data on numbers of this globally threaten species can only be obtained with a help of volunteers.


Name of hosting organization:

APB-BirdLife Belarus


Where and When:

Most of Aquatic Warbler breeding sites are located in Brest region (SW Belarus).

Counts take place from late May till mid-July. There are 3 sessions of the field works within this time frame. Each session takes 10-14 days. You are recommended to join the team for at least one week.


1st Session

AW counts and recaptures of birds with geolocators

Place: Dzikoje mire (part of National Park “Bielaviežskaja pušča”)

Arrival: 21st of May 2013

Duration: up to 2 weeks

Deadline for applications: 2nd of May 2013


2nd Session

Place: Zvaniec mire (the world’s biggest AW site)

Arrival: 1st of June 2013

Duration: up to 2 weeks

Deadline for applications: 6th of May 2013


3rd Session

Place: Zvaniec mire (continuation)

Arrival: 1st of July 2013

Duration: up to 2 weeks

Deadline for applications: 14th of May 2013


Requirements to participants:

– Physical fitness, as lots of walking in wet terrain is required;

– Have no major health problems;

– Be 18 years old or older.


General skills in bird identification, mapping and use of hand-held GPS unit are

NOT obligatory, but considered as a strong asset.


What’s in it for You:

Taking part in AW counts in Belarus gives you opportunity to visit the biggest open fen mires of Europe and enjoy their unique biodiversity. You will learn a lot about Aquatic Warblers and get a chance to do some great birding in your spare time and during your work. You will get to know the work of a BirdLife Partner in Belarus: a teem of experienced ornithologists from APB and from The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will work together with you during the counts. ABP will assist in applying for a visa and will guide you through other formalities.


Cost estimates:

Item Approximate cost, EUR Who pays

Free for students

Only averaged costs are given. Factual costs will vary from country to country.


What work will be involved?

Field work: travel to and location of plots using GPS, Aquatic Warbler counting. During the counts you will also learn how to tell Sedge Warbler from Aquatic Warbler by sound.

All the methodology is already set-up and the plots selected. Long hours will be spent in the field.


What are the hours of work and on which days of the week?

The counts will be carried out any day of the week according to standardized methodology starting one hour before the sunset and finishing one hour after it. Taking into consideration the area of the mires each count could take up to 8 hours.


Living arrangements?

Guest houses with all conveniences and simple wooden houses.


Is it family-friendly?

No, unless you can arrange a separate family programme alongside.


How you can participate?

Please, complete Volunteer Application. (application session is closed so far!)



Important information for participants.

Please, read it through carefully before your departure!


Applying for a visa.


Staying in a field. (updates as at 14th June 2013)



Additional information


Monitoring report 2010.

Results of detailed counts 2010 are presented in the report. Pictures from the field works  could be found in the annex.


Pictures and comments from counts 2009.

Two ecologists from the UK took part in the AW counts 2009 and shared impressions at their blog. Lots of places apart from AW sites were visited during their long staying in Belarus.



For more information, contact:


Uladzimir Malashevich

BirdLife/CMS International Aquatic Warbler Conservation Officer

APB-BirdLife Belarus

Parnikovaja str. 11, office 4,

Minsk, 220114, BELARUS

Phone: +375 29 3494165

fax: +375 17 2630613

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