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7 maja 2021

Pomóż nam chronić wodniczkę i dołącz do Klubu Obrońców Wodniczki! | Patronite

Wodniczka jest najrzadszym i zarazem jedynym globalnie zagrożonym gatunkiem z rzędu wróblowych żyjącym w kontynentalnej części Europy. Jej światowa populacja w 2020 roku liczyła jedynie ok. […]
2 kwietnia 2021

“Source areas and stepping stones in Aquatic Warbler conservation” | Report from Symposium

On March 16 and 17, 2021, an international symposium Source areas and stepping stones in Aquatic Warbler conservation was held as part of the project Strengthening […]
2 kwietnia 2021

“Source areas and stepping stones in Aquatic Warbler conservation” | Relacja z Sympozjum

W dniach 16 i 17 marca 2021 r. odbyło się międzynarodowe sympozjum Source areas and stepping  stones in  Aquatic Warbler conservation w ramach projektu Wzmocnienie południowo-wschodniej […]
10 marca 2021

Source areas and stepping stones in Aquatic Warbler conservation | Zaproszenie na sympozjum

Zapraszamy wszystkich chętnych do udziału w międzynarodowym sympozjum “Source areas and stepping stones in Aquatic Warbler conservation”. Jest ono przygotowane w ramach projektu  „Wzmocnienie południowo-wschodniej metapopulacji […]
21 lipca 2020

Aquatic Warbler‘s population in Lithuania hits record high

Scientists recorded the record number of the rare bird species called Aquatic Warbler in Lithuania. The national monitoring revealed 316 individual birds, which counts up to […]
2 czerwca 2020

Aquatic Warbler conservation project among the bests in Europe

Today European Commission announced the finalists of Natura2000 awards and for the first time Lithuanian initiative – Aquatic Warbler conservation project – is among them. This […]
16 kwietnia 2020

Latest scientific research: Lithuanian and Belorusian Aquatic Warblers winter in Mali

The results of research that lasted for more than two years have revealed that Lithuanian and Belorusian Aquatic Warblers are wintering farther than expected – they […]
3 lutego 2020

New scientific research: translocation of Aquatic warblers might be more successful than was thought

DNA tests of Aquatic warblers, translocated from Belarus to Lithuania last year show that the number of males and females is more or less the same […]
15 lipca 2019

50 aquatic warbler nestlings are successfully released into the wild

This week, 50 aquatic warbler nestlings brought from Belarus and successfully raised by naturalists at the Žuvintas biosphere reserve, Lithuania were finally released. The birds are […]
27 czerwca 2019

First ever Aquatic Warbler translocation confirmed to be effective

The first female Aquatic Warbler count was completed this week in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, Lithuania. It revealed that out of the 49 birds brought from […]
25 czerwca 2018

Aquatic warbler translocation: 50 juveniles came to Lithuania

In the beginning of June, 50 juveniles were transferred from Belarus to Lithuania, Žuvintas biosphere reserve. It is the first ever translocation of this globally threatened […]
12 lipca 2017

Experts met to discuss new method for aquatic warbler survival

The beginning of July could symbolically be called a new beginning for aquatic warbler conservation. Experts from 6 countries met in Zuvintas (Lithuania) to discuss practicalities […]
9 stycznia 2017

Nowy projekt dla wodniczki

1 stycznia 2017 r. rozpoczęliśmy realizację projektu “Wzmocnienie południowo-wschodniej metapopulacji wodniczki Acrocephalus paludicola w Polsce”. Celem naszych działań jest wzmocnienie korytarzy migracyjnych metapopulacji wodniczki w woj. […]
19 lutego 2013

Belarus becomes the 51st Party to the Bern Convention

Strasbourg, 19 February 2013 – Belarus deposited its instrument of accession to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) on […]
28 stycznia 2013

The Aquatic Warbler in the spotlight of Senegalese authorities

On the vigil of the annual international Ramsar water bird census, which is conducted regularly in the Djoudj National Park in Senegal a very special ringing […]
10 grudnia 2012

Zvaniec mire. Is there any hope?

Yes! A project targeting conservation of the world’s most important Aquatic Warbler breeding site has been approved! The name of the project “Clima-East: Conservation and sustainable […]
24 lipca 2012

Aquatic Warblers severely hit by droughts in wintering sites

Breeding sites in Europe rapidly overgrowing with reed and excessive droughts destroying wintering grounds in Africa are affecting very fragile Aquatic Warbler population in 2012. The […]
14 grudnia 2011

A brighter future for Europe’s rarest migratory songbird

The Aquatic Warbler is facing a brighter future, thanks to the results of six years of intensive work within an EU LIFE project coordinated by OTOP-BirdLife […]
2 grudnia 2011

Aquatic Warbler’s voice heard at environmental forum of governmental scale

The 10th Conference of Parties for the Bonn Convention took place between 20th and 25th November 2011 in Bergen, Norway. Aquatic Warbler was put into agenda […]
18 listopada 2011

Urgent conservation issues gathered Aquatic Warbler experts in Nemunas Delta

The crash of Hungarian population was one of the main reasons for the last meeting of experts from most of the species Range States. The meeting […]
26 października 2011

The ray of hope raised for Sporava mire

Long-awaited active vegetation management was finally launched in Sporava mire (Belarus) in October 2011. This protected area holds about 500 singing males of the aquatic warbler […]
14 stycznia 2011

Mauritania hosts Aquatic Warblers in winter!

On 5th January 2011 after a month of work under hard field conditions (high water level, heat, mosquitoes and … crocodiles) aquatic warbler was captured in […]
27 lipca 2010

Luxemburg Signs Aquatic Warbler and Birds of Prey Memoranda of Understanding

On 19 July, the Luxembourg Minister Delegate for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Marco Schank signed two CMS Memoranda of Understanding; one concerning conservation measures for the […]
18 maja 2010

Governmental protection of Europe’s most endangered songbird helps safeguard wetlands

Governmental protection of Europe’s most endangered songbird helps safeguard wetlands and ease greenhouse effect Bonn, 16 May 2010 – Government officials from states across Europe and […]
20 kwietnia 2010

The Second Meeting of the Signatory States

The Polish Government has kindly offered to host the Second Meeting of the Signatory States. The Meeting will take place in the Biebrza National Park, Poland, […]
10 listopada 2009

EU approved new International Aquatic Warbler Species Action Plan

The new International Species Action Plan for the Aquatic Warbler  (AW SAP) was placed for downloading on the EU Commission’s website. BirdLife International had been contracted […]
28 października 2009

Aquatic Warbler Colloquium in Sandy gathered experts from the RSPB and AWCT

Colloquium on scientific and strategic aspects of the conservation of Aquatic Warblers took place 15th October 2009 in the RSPB Headquarters, Sandy, UK. Aquatic Warbler Conservation […]
17 września 2009

A new exceptional Aquatic Warbler breeding site has been discovered in Southeast Poland!

The site was discovered by local people from the Lublin Ornithological Society: at first by Robert Wroblewski & Ewa Dzaman, later on visited also by Pawel […]
25 sierpnia 2009

Leucistic Aquatic Warbler was caught in France

Atypically pigmented Aquatic Warbler was caught at Trunvel ringing station, Brittany, west France, on 23th August. This phenomena in called leucism – reduced pigmentation in animals. […]
3 czerwca 2009

The analysis of the Aquatic Warbler wintering habitats is in progress

The research project “Habitat and threat assessment as a basis for the protection of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in its wintering grounds in […]
9 marca 2009

Workshop for African Bird Experts took place at the Djoudj National Park

The idea to organise a workshop for African bird experts came up in September 2008 at Quimper in France, when AWCT members agreed that successful detection […]
5 marca 2009

Aquatic Warbler feathers will help to discover more wintering grounds

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB, the BirdLife International Partner in the UK) is pushing forward an important piece of research to support […]
30 stycznia 2009

Winter mowing started in Sporava mire this January

The works were executed as an extension of the project “Conservation of open fen mires in Sporauski reserve” The project was initiated by APB-BirdLife Belarus in […]
30 października 2008

Important meeting on the future of Pripyat river was held last week in Ukraine

Aquatic Warbler breeding site in upper Pripyat, Ukraine. Photo: Uladzimir Malashevich The meeting of the steering group on the question of Pripyat river bed deepening took […]
1 października 2008

Aquatic Warbler stars on the radio!

The Aquatic Warbler piece featured in a very popular series on BBC4 radio, the most important talk radio in the UK. The series is called “world […]
23 września 2008

Conference Conservation of migratory Stopover Points for the Aquatic Warbler

The long-expected event successfully took place in a scenic town of Quimper in North-West France. More than 60 participants including decision makers came to the conference […]
7 sierpnia 2008

The impact of the Upper Pripyat river deepening works on of Aquatic Warbler breeding habitats

The impact of the Upper Pripyat river deepening works on the hydrological regime of Aquatic Warbler breeding habitats. More than 80 % of Ukrainian Aquatic Warblers […]
6 sierpnia 2008

Two steps closer to the identification of the Aquatic Warbler wintering sites

As it was reported earlier, the first important wintering site of the Aquatic Warbler, Europe’s most threatened migratory songbird, had been discovered in and around the […]

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