Summit meeting to protect one of the World’s rarest songbird
10 lipca 2006
River works at Upper Pripiat threaten over 60 % of Ukrainian population of the Aquatic Warbler
23 października 2006
Pokaż wszystkie
New colour-ringing scheme for the Aquatic Warbler in operation

Starting from summer 2006 colour-ringing scheme for the Aquatic Warbler was launched in Belarus. The main aim of the study is to study breeding biology of the Aquatic Warbler, and, in particular, whether second “wave” of breeding is in fact a second clutch or breeding of females which for some reasons don’t breed           earlier.

The study is initiated and implemented by Dr Alexander Kozulin, APB-BirdLife Belarus Conservation Director and implemented at Sporava mire in Jaselda floodplain. The colours used as country codes are orange and black, either of which will be placed on the right leg of the bird together with “ordinary” metal ring.

For more information on the colour-ringing of the Aquatic Warbler see Collections and Ringing section of this site or European colour-ring birding website.


For more information contact: Dr Alexander Kozulin, APB-BirdLife Belarus

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