16 kwietnia 2020

Latest scientific research: Lithuanian and Belorusian Aquatic Warblers winter in Mali

The results of research that lasted for more than two years have revealed that Lithuanian and Belorusian Aquatic Warblers are wintering farther than expected – they […]
3 lutego 2020

New scientific research: translocation of Aquatic warblers might be more successful than was thought

DNA tests of Aquatic warblers, translocated from Belarus to Lithuania last year show that the number of males and females is more or less the same […]
15 lipca 2019

50 aquatic warbler nestlings are successfully released into the wild

This week, 50 aquatic warbler nestlings brought from Belarus and successfully raised by naturalists at the Žuvintas biosphere reserve, Lithuania were finally released. The birds are […]
27 czerwca 2019

First ever Aquatic Warbler translocation confirmed to be effective

The first female Aquatic Warbler count was completed this week in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, Lithuania. It revealed that out of the 49 birds brought from […]
25 czerwca 2018

Aquatic warbler translocation: 50 juveniles came to Lithuania

In the beginning of June, 50 juveniles were transferred from Belarus to Lithuania, Žuvintas biosphere reserve. It is the first ever translocation of this globally threatened […]
12 lipca 2017

Experts met to discuss new method for aquatic warbler survival

The beginning of July could symbolically be called a new beginning for aquatic warbler conservation. Experts from 6 countries met in Zuvintas (Lithuania) to discuss practicalities […]
9 stycznia 2017

Nowy projekt dla wodniczki

1 stycznia 2017 r. rozpoczęliśmy realizację projektu “Wzmocnienie południowo-wschodniej metapopulacji wodniczki Acrocephalus paludicola w Polsce”. Celem naszych działań jest wzmocnienie korytarzy migracyjnych metapopulacji wodniczki w woj. […]
19 lutego 2013

Belarus becomes the 51st Party to the Bern Convention

Strasbourg, 19 February 2013 – Belarus deposited its instrument of accession to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) on […]
28 stycznia 2013

The Aquatic Warbler in the spotlight of Senegalese authorities

On the vigil of the annual international Ramsar water bird census, which is conducted regularly in the Djoudj National Park in Senegal a very special ringing […]

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