Aquatic Warbler Colloquium in Sandy gathered experts from the RSPB and AWCT

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17 września 2009
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10 listopada 2009
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Aquatic Warbler Colloquium in Sandy gathered experts from the RSPB and AWCT

Colloquium on scientific and strategic aspects of the conservation of Aquatic Warblers took place 15th October 2009 in the RSPB Headquarters, Sandy, UK. Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team members had a chance to discuss with relevant staff from the RSPB research and species conservation, the current situation of the highly threatened Pomeranian population as well as approaches to the identification of the species African wintering grounds. The programme of the meeting, the presentations and the document summarizing the outcomes of the discussion are now available.

The meeting was very useful, brought a lot of clarifications and new information and ideas and will certainly find its reflection in the future work of the BirdLife Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team, as well as of organisations like the RSPB and OTOP.

The meeting also fulfilled its second purpose, which was to give an update to the RSPB experts about the statement of knowledge that underpins the active conservation work that is coordinated by the AWCT with support from the RSPB European Department.


For more information contact: Lars Lachmann,

Country Programmes Officer, The RSPB