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22 stycznia 2010
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EU approved new International Aquatic Warbler Species Action Plan

The new International Species Action Plan for the Aquatic Warbler  (AW SAP) was placed for downloading on the EU Commission’s website.

BirdLife International had been contracted by the EU Commission to revise the EU Aquatic Warbler Action Plan dating from 1996. On their behalf, RSPB, OTOP and the BirdLife International Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team took on the task to coordinate the revision of this plan. Besides updating the old  1996 EU Plan, the process also offered the chance to merge the EU plan with the second existing International Species Action Plan for this species, the 2003 plan, which forms the basis of the CMS Memorandum of Understanding (AW MoU) signed by most of the species’ range states.

The recently approved new EU SAP is covering all range states, including non-EU countries. The same document is planned for being accepted as CMS Plan during the next meeting of signatory states to the MoU in May 2010 in Poland.


For more information contact: Lars Lachmann,

Country Programmes Officer, The RSPB



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