18 maja 2010

Governmental protection of Europe’s most endangered songbird helps safeguard wetlands

Governmental protection of Europe’s most endangered songbird helps safeguard wetlands and ease greenhouse effect Bonn, 16 May 2010 – Government officials from states across Europe and […]
20 kwietnia 2010

The Second Meeting of the Signatory States

The Polish Government has kindly offered to host the Second Meeting of the Signatory States. The Meeting will take place in the Biebrza National Park, Poland, […]
10 listopada 2009

EU approved new International Aquatic Warbler Species Action Plan

The new International Species Action Plan for the Aquatic Warbler  (AW SAP) was placed for downloading on the EU Commission’s website. BirdLife International had been contracted […]
28 października 2009

Aquatic Warbler Colloquium in Sandy gathered experts from the RSPB and AWCT

Colloquium on scientific and strategic aspects of the conservation of Aquatic Warblers took place 15th October 2009 in the RSPB Headquarters, Sandy, UK. Aquatic Warbler Conservation […]
17 września 2009

A new exceptional Aquatic Warbler breeding site has been discovered in Southeast Poland!

The site was discovered by local people from the Lublin Ornithological Society: at first by Robert Wroblewski & Ewa Dzaman, later on visited also by Pawel […]
25 sierpnia 2009

Leucistic Aquatic Warbler was caught in France

Atypically pigmented Aquatic Warbler was caught at Trunvel ringing station, Brittany, west France, on 23th August. This phenomena in called leucism – reduced pigmentation in animals. […]
3 czerwca 2009

The analysis of the Aquatic Warbler wintering habitats is in progress

The research project “Habitat and threat assessment as a basis for the protection of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in its wintering grounds in […]
9 marca 2009

Workshop for African Bird Experts took place at the Djoudj National Park

The idea to organise a workshop for African bird experts came up in September 2008 at Quimper in France, when AWCT members agreed that successful detection […]
5 marca 2009

Aquatic Warbler feathers will help to discover more wintering grounds

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB, the BirdLife International Partner in the UK) is pushing forward an important piece of research to support […]

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