16 kwietnia 2020

Latest scientific research: Lithuanian and Belorusian Aquatic Warblers winter in Mali

The results of research that lasted for more than two years have revealed that Lithuanian and Belorusian Aquatic Warblers are wintering farther than expected – they […]
20 maja 2019

Endangered Aquatic Warblers with special “backpacks” have appeared in Lithuania and Belarus

In May, Lithuanian and Belorussian ornithologists managed to catch returned Aquatic Warblers that were carrying  special devices that were put on their back last year and […]
3 maja 2019

The first ever translocation of the Aquatic Warbler is successful!

On the very last days of April and on the first days of May, environmentalists noticed Aquatic Warblers that had been translocated from Belarus to Lithuania […]

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